Seeds of Grace 4 U goes beyond the walls of the church to reach the world. We are promoting Christianity in America one neighborhood at a time.

Have you ever been sitting in traffic and miserable because you just had a fight with your spouse?

Have you just finished watching the news and wondering is there any hope for America?

Perhaps you just need a sign from God that He is real. Seeds of Grace 4 U is a non profit (501c3) organization that Freedom Fellowship Church of Pittsburgh is behind 100%. Seeds of Grace 4 U will be placing everything from billboards down to coffee cups all over the United States of America to proclaim: ‘Radical Grace and we are still One Nation under God!’

Although Seeds of Grace 4 U is in its infancy it is ordained by our Loving Heavenly Father to explode through out every state in America with the resounding cry: ‘God Bless the USA!’


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