About Pastor Debbie Roden

For the past 11 years Pastor Debbie has received the Message of Grace exclusively from Joseph Prince Ministries.  She  was called to preach when she was in her teens. Pastor Debbie has taught in Texas, Indonesia, India and in Pittsburgh for the past 35 years.

Finding Home
Pastor Debbie teaches Radical Grace. It’s all about receiving The Father’s Love and Jesus finished work on the cross and since He finished it then it is FINISHED! Pastor Debbie unfolds these truths and makes them come alive with applications for our lives today.

Her Awakening
In 2007 Pastor Debbie felt, lost, unloved, and burned out on religion. She saw her 1st Joseph Prince broadcast and knew God was sending her the help she so desperately needed. God loves me, because He loves me, because He loves me, because He loves me was her answer. Not based on Debbie’s works but on Jesus’ finished work.

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